“Nothing is denied to well–directed labour; nothing is ever to be attained without it.”
Sir Joshua Reynolds

I have created this blog to share thoughts, ideas, experiences along my academic path in Cambridge. I am an history of art student from Italy: I have chosen to leave my country looking for a better context to develop my passion for art and willing to expand my own vision of the world I live in. I’ve been progressing without wavering, being confident in my resoluteness only: I constantly think, as a motivation mantra, that only by giving my best I can demand the same in exchange.

As language requires a logical structure, a senseful content and the will of communicating I am using this format to expose my work: I take inspiration from daily events, visits, classes and use writing to develop and clarify. Actually, this project was born as an instrument of personal enrichment, and I hope it may prove useful for whoever is interested in art as I am.

Art, indeed, will be the main theme of my posts. Occasionally I will also describe life in Cambridge and give some information which may be convinient for those willing to apply.