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25th August 2018

Piazza Affari, home to Milan’s Stock Exchange, is often a rather overlooked venue when compared to neighbouring sites such as the Duomo…

10th April 2018
5th March 2018
23rd November 2017

As the High Renaissance passed away with Raphael, its idyllic standards of composition and balance began being challenged. The technical expertise of…

26th October 2017
29th July 2017

I recently visited the Yale University Art Gallery, one of the most notable collections of the East Coast and definitely among the…

21st May 2017

Agnolo Bronzino’s paintings are peculiar, as they represent the most sensual subjects in a cold, aloof manner. His allegories are based on…

17th April 2017

The word “Rococo” stems from the French “rocaille”, which indicates grottos and other fancy garden decorations which became popular in Eighteenth-century France.…

26th February 2017
22nd January 2017